Photoshop Course

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About Photoshop Course

This is a complete guide to Photoshop, for both beginners and experts. This course covers everything from the basics of the program to more advanced techniques. If you are looking to learn Photoshop, this course is a great place to start. You will learn the basics of the program to more advanced techniques, including how to work with layers, retouch photos, and create simple graphics. This course is designed for those who want to learn how to use Photoshop from Basics to Advance.

Photoshop Job Opportunities

  • Photo Editor
  • Graphic Designer

Photoshop Course Syllabus

  • Ch - 1 Introduction to Photoshop
  • Ch - 2 Shapes and Clipping Mask
  • Ch - 3 Image Selection using Marquee Tool
  • Ch - 4 Image Selection using Lasso and Magic Wand Tool
  • Ch - 5 How to Remove Background and Image Selection using Pen Tool
  • Ch - 6 Masking and Image Selection using Channels
  • Ch - 7 How To Create a Thumbnail For YouTube Videos
  • Ch - 8 How to Place a Banner Image on Bill Board
  • Ch - 9 How to Create a Visiting Card
  • Ch - 10 How To Use Patch Tool
  • Ch - 11 Face Smoothing and Skin Retouching
  • Ch - 12 How to Change Cloth Colour
  • Ch - 13 How to Use Clone Stamp Tool
  • Ch - 14 How to Remove Eyes Dark Circle
  • Ch - 15 How to Create a Social Media Post
  • Ch - 16 Crop Tool and Perspective Tool
  • Ch - 17 Blend If Option
  • Ch - 18 How to Remove Hair Background
  • Ch - 19 How to Create Digital Signature
  • Ch - 20 How to Resize and Compress Images
  • Ch - 21 Multiply and Screen Blend Mode in Photoshop
  • Ch - 22 Face Setting Using Liquify in Photoshop
  • Ch - 23 Convert Low Quality Photo To High Quality Photo
  • Ch - 24 What is Graphics
  • Ch - 25 How to Type Hindi in Photoshop

Photoshop Certificate

After finishing this computer course, you will be taken for its online exam and if you pass in this exam then you will also be given a certificate of this course for free.
Anyone can easily do this computer course online sitting at home.You can learn this course in Hindi language

How to Take Admission in Photoshop Course (Free)

To take admission in the Photoshop course, watch the video given below completely because in that video it is explained how to take admission in the Photoshop course and also how to study the Photoshop course. It also explains how to give the Photoshop exam and how to obtain the Photoshop certificate for free. All of these things are explained in the video, so watch it carefully.

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