Basic Computer Course

With Govt. Verified Certificate

About Basic Computer Course

This basic computer course is for all those students who want to learn computer from the beginning and who do not have any knowledge of computer at all.

Basic Computer Job Opportunities

  • Computer Operator
  • Stock Management
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Data Management Manager

Basic Computer Course Syllabus

  • Installing and uninstalling software on computer
  • Send Emails
  • Working on Microsoft Word
  • Working on Microsoft Excel
  • working on Microsoft power point
  • Manage all files and folders on the computer
  • and many more

Basic Computer Certificate

After finishing this computer course, you will be taken for its online exam and if you pass in this exam then you will also be given a certificate of this course for free.
Anyone can easily do this computer course online sitting at home.You can learn this course in Hindi language

How to Take Admission in Basic Computer Course (Free)

To take admission in the Basic Computer course, watch the video given below completely because in that video it is explained how to take admission in the Basic Computer course and also how to study the Basic Computer course. It also explains how to give the Basic Computer exam and how to obtain the Basic Computer certificate for free. All of these things are explained in the video, so watch it carefully.

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